what a beautiful wedding

November 2026.
Nicolas is 35, Mia is 30.


A beautiful bride right before her wedding.


Exchanging of vows, rings, and a kiss!


The First Dance.


Nicolas, Mia, and friends dancing the night away! (Some of them are a little tipsy!)


Cutting the cake!

Thanks for reading/viewing the pictures, since there isn’t much text here. Nicolas and Mia opted for a smaller ceremony with close friends, and didn’t want to go overboard on wedding spending. 


the time of our lives

Academic Year 2026-2027, Fall Semester.
Peterson Hall.
Elliania (Ellie) is 18, Mara is 18, Stepha is 19, Chandler is 19.
Narrated by Ellie. 


I eagerly waited all summer to go to college, meet my roommate, and start my new life away from the valley. But… things haven’t really turned out that way for me so far. First of all, my roommate never actually showed up to the school. It’s nice to have my own private room without paying the price, but I was hoping to make a new friend. It’s also bittersweet, because I had always expected Stella to be with us for college.


Mara and Stepha had applied to be roommates back when we were still in high school. The semester had barely started and they were already looking for parties where they could meet guys. That was definitely not my scene, so I shied away from them.


I even tried talking to Chandler, just so I could have someone familiar to hang out with, but every time I saw him, he was always busy studying. I guess he preferred to study in the cafeteria for the ambient noise.


When it became obvious my roommate wasn’t going to show up, I decorated my dorm the way I wanted it. I was going to ask her opinion on how she wanted the furniture. I was even sort of excited about that part, but at least I have the freedom to decorate the room the way I want. I took a page out of Chandler’s book and started studying a lot more. I’m a linguistics major, and it’s not exactly going to be a piece of cake.


Rush week came and went, and Chandler became a pledge. I don’t understand the interest. I also don’t see how Chandler will have the time to participate.


Mara has taken to going out on morning jogs to work on her figure. She recently experienced a horrible break-up, and I think trying to make herself more attractive to guys at parties is her way of coping. Living with boy-crazy Stepha isn’t helping, either. I’ve honestly never been too close to Stepha, but I don’t want to watch Mara go down an unhealthy path.


She seems to flirt with any guy who so much as looks at her… which is quite a lot, honestly. She’s really pretty! But her break-up shattered her self-esteem, unfortunately.


Stepha loves to flirt and meet guys, but only on her terms. She also gets really possessive really quickly. I almost never see her because she’s always with some guy. And according to Mara, she’s even taken to stalking people.


Toward the end of the semester, Mara was getting bored of partying constantly and being too tired or hungover to care about classes. She hoped Stepha would calm down as well, but unfortunately Stepha was even more sucked into that lifestyle than ever. I asked Mara if she wanted to apply to be roommates next year, and she agreed.

Thanks for reading! The entries may seem slightly disjointed and shorter for a little bit, because there was a point where I thought I wasn’t going to update here anymore, but I still wanted pictures. Also, I’ve fallen in love with this group of townies and I’m so glad I sent them to college 🙂

the return.

After a long, long hiatus I have decided to come back to this blog. 🙂

There might be a few changes to how I originally planned things out, and I’m going to update a few of the pages on here before I start posting again, but I’ve been playing quite a bit in the last month or so and decided I want to post here more. Some interesting things have transpired!

I graduated from college in May and I’ve been waiting to find out if I’ll get a promotion at my current workplace and I also thought I was going to be moving, but I’m not, so that just means it’ll be easier to play the game some more.

You may also see some changes to the site. I’m about to have a much-needed week off from work, and I’m mostly going to spend that relaxing with family and friends… and TS2.

autumn birthdays, 2026.

My Invitation (2)

Skye and Adrian’s fourth child, Raymond, was born on September 17, 2026. Friends and family say he looks like Skye. Doctors said Raymond was healthy, and the Hernandez family is excited about their newest addition.


Helena Papoulias celebrates her tenth birthday on October 4. She is excelling in school and loves taking care of her hamster. Despite being the only alien child in her school, she has a decent social life and has high self-esteem. She enjoys science and jumping rope.


Stepha Bennington turns nineteen on October 15. She has just started college at Simon-Lawrence University. Stepha is an Art major, but she isn’t sure what she wants to do with her degree yet.


Sydney Andrews turns 3 on October 22. She has just started transitioning out of her “terrible twos” stage, and seems to enjoy playing with the peg toy. She also enjoys socializing with her siblings.


Twins Rose and Ryan Hernandez are celebrating their eighth birthdays on November 2. Rose enjoys swimming and anything pertaining to the outdoors, while Ryan is the more reserved, introverted twin who prefers to stay inside and play with the family dog. The twins have always been close, and seem to be growing even closer with age despite the gender difference.


Chandler Platz turns nineteen on November 7. He is a freshman at Simon-Lawrence University. He is a Physical Therapy major, and is working hard to secure a strong future for himself.


Ethan Claiborne turns six this fall, on November 20. He started kindergarten this year, and has been enjoying his time there. He has taken an interest in both music and sports, and is an active, playful child.

Adult Birthdays: Nicolas Papoulias (9/09), Skye Hernandez (9/29), Marc Lane (10/19), Blake Andrews (11/13)

Thanks for reading!
I think I like this new birthday format. It works well, and it allows me to recap some details about my playables, especially ones I haven’t played in a while. I’ll probably keep listing the adults’ birthdays like this without their pictures, unless they’re celebrating their fiftieth, which is kind of a big deal. None of my Sims are quite that old yet though! 

lazy afternoons

September 2026.
Collin is 31, Marissa is 30, Margo is 8, Ethan is 5.
Narrated by Marissa.


Sunday is my favourite day of the week because everyone is off from work and school. Usually on Sundays, we each spend time doing our own thing and also spend time together. Collin likes to practice the guitar on Sunday mornings. He’s been playing since we were in high school. It relaxes him, somehow.


I like to get a lot of work done on a painting on Sundays. I’ve always been an artist and thankfully, I had parents who encouraged my love of art. Selling my paintings is helpful for extra income too. We haven’t struggled financially since early in our marriage, but more money doesn’t hurt!


Margo and Ethan like to spend their days playing outside. The summer weather is coming to an end, and they like to get their outside time in while the weather is still nice. It cools down in early September around here, so it’s a great time for the kids to get out there. Apparently, Margo has been teaching Ethan cartwheels.


Margo loves to show off, and she adores having a little brother to cheer her on.


We got the kids a swing set after we realized we owed much less in taxes than usual, and they’re loving it. They like to play on it almost every chance they get. I’m glad both Margo and Ethan are outdoorsy kids. When I was little, you couldn’t pay me to go outside!


We have a tradition of ordering takeout on Sundays. Collin or I cook dinner most nights after work, and we like to have a day off from cooking. I’m just glad the kids like Chinese as much as Collin and I do. Margo is even starting to get the hang of chopsticks.


The next day was Ethan’s first day of kindergarten. He was a little nervous about taking the bus. I wish I could have dropped him off myself, but unfortunately my job doesn’t allow for that because my commute is too far.


Ethan took a liking to the bus driver, at least. He’s a friendly boy!


Collin and I don’t get home until about 5, so we have a sitter watch the kids for a couple hours after school. She’s watched both Ethan and Margo since they were young, and we trust her, but today she got caught up with talking about Ethan’s first day of school and Margo somehow found her way into my makeup stash and prepared an… interesting look for herself.


She still had some of the makeup on when I got home. She was so excited to show me her handiwork; I couldn’t be mad. Margo is so into fashion and clothes. It was only a matter of time before she wanted to try makeup, too. I told her she was still a little young for that, but I promised when she got older I would help her choose the right makeup for her skin tone (my makeup is much too light for her).


A few days later, Margo did something that surprised me– she asked me for help with her homework. I was shocked that she took an interest in her homework at all. Collin normally has to take away toys and games before Margo will start caring about school. I was also surprised that she asked me instead of Collin. Maybe third grade is a little intimidating for her.


Ethan has taken to running outside to greet me when I come home from work each day. He’s used to being without me all day, but I think he’s having a little trouble adjusting to being away from home. Ethan has always been even-tempered, but Collin and I have started to suspect that Ethan just prefers to keep his emotions inside.


As the week went on, Margo kept up with her homework. I think it has a lot to do with Ethan starting school. It’s much easier to get them do to their homework if they can sit together and enjoy some snacks while working. Hopefully getting them set into a routine will keep them on schedule with their homework. When Margo started school, it was virtually impossible to get her set on a homework schedule. She seems more into the idea now.


There’s a new girl in my studio, and she lives in the area so we’ve taken to carpooling some days. She’s a few years younger than me, I think, but she’s going through a rough patch with her boyfriend. She likes to come over after work to vent sometimes. Collin wants to step in and help, being a counselor and all, but I try to keep him out of it. Sometimes girl talk is what someone needs to get through a hard situation. I think he takes it personally when I tell him to butt out, but a man’s input isn’t what she needs right now.


Sometimes after work, when my friend isn’t here, Collin and I like to dance in our living room. It keeps the spontaneity in our marriage alive, somehow.


Ethan likes to join in on our dance party sometimes.


I think Margo finds our dance parties a little silly, so she likes to play with Bonkers when we get crazy. Bonkers is particularly fond of Margo, since he’s almost as old as she is. He’s a playful kitty. If someone brings out a toy, he’ll respond, even though he’s getting old.


Friday is my other day off, and now that Ethan’s at school I’m at a loss for what to do when he’s gone. I’m not much of a gardener, but I figured I may as well weed the flowers in front of the house.


I hate mundane chores like taking out the trash, but it has to get done. It’s one less thing for Collin to worry about when he gets home. He usually does these types of things, and he deserves a day not to worry about it.


Of course… the day can’t be totally about housework, right?

Thanks for reading!
It’s nice to be back into the swing of things and blogging about my sims again. I’ve missed them. This family is pretty cute too, and I’m glad I’m starting to get to know Ethan more. It’s interesting watching the dynamics at play in this family as well, since Marissa is such a free spirit and Collin is more grounded. I’m also glad/surprised that Margo is taking an interest in school, and isn’t inviting people over as often.  


{birthday announcement} Darren Andrews

August 2026. 


Darren Andrews turned 1 this month! He already looks like quite the charmer. Blake and Amethyst are enjoying dressing their son like a mini-rockstar. He does enjoy playing with that drumset toy, after all.

Thanks for reading!
Sorry if this is disjointed! With my hiatus, I had a hard time keeping up with what I had and hadn’t taken pictures of… turns out, I didn’t take any pictures of Darren’s actual aging up. But I’m starting a new birthday format anyway, and didn’t want to spend too much time on this. He is a super cute toddler though; I’m pleased with his looks. 

woah, a hiatus out of nowhere!

Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth! I worked a split shift on Thanksgiving/Black Friday, we had extra rehearsals for my choir concert, I was frantically memorizing music for my jury, and I had two papers to write AND finals to study for.

Then the Monday after school was out, my boyfriend and I went out of town to celebrate the end of the semester and his birthday. We just got back a few days ago, and then it was back to work for me. So I haven’t even touched TS2 in quite a while. A lot of the entries that you’ve been reading were queued.

I definitely miss playing and I hope I can start playing after the holiday season ends. I have one semester left before I graduate, and I have fewer hours than ever this semester, but I also have a recital in March, so I might be just as busy as before. I hope I can squeeze some time in for simming– I miss it and my sims so much. I probably will post sporadically until March. My recital is in March, and after that my workload will probably decrease drastically.

family ties

July 2026.
Kimberly is 43, Marc is 41, Michael is 19, Kathleen is 17, Amber is 13.


Marc recently got promoted to a cadet at the Octavia Police Academy, and with it came a hefty bonus. Marc and Kimberly decided to immediately use that money to go towards further renovations of their historic home. Some unforeseen costs and a higher income tax led them to put off several of their plans. They’d currently only renovated the upstairs bathrooms, which cost around $8,000. Needless to say, they had a long way to go before the renovation would be complete.


Marc’s promotion also led him to focus more on his fitness. A place in the Police Academy meant fighting to keep your place, and Marc didn’t want to fall behind the other cadets.


Amber recently turned thirteen, and her clothes were getting too small. At their mother’s request, Kathleen took her shopping. Kathleen was excited at the chance to bond with her sister. They didn’t get along well when Amber was younger, but recently she started warming up to Kathleen. Naturally, Kathleen jumped at the chance to get close with her sister.


Kathleen didn’t care much for Amber’s choice in fashion, but she wasn’t interested in telling her sister how to dress, especially since it took thirteen years for them to get along. She did, however, suspect that Kimberly wanted Kathleen to influence Amber’s purchases.


Amber was excited about being able to pick out her own clothes for the first time in her life, and she excitedly showed Kathleen her outfit ideas. Kathleen didn’t like any of them personally, but tried to be supportive.


Kathleen ran into a guy from school while she and her sister were leaving the clothing store. His name was Orlando, and he was a senior like Kathleen. They chatted for a bit and he made a few jokes. He gave her his number when they left. Kathleen was worried Amber would be upset, but Amber excitedly decided that Orlando liked Kathleen and told her that she needed to make a move. Kathleen was relieved that her sister wasn’t the jealous type. Not that Amber had ever displayed a romantic interest–or even a friendly interest–in anyone before.


Amber talked Kathleen into going to a salon so that Amber could spend her last remaining birthday money. Kathleen was slightly concerned about what questionable hair choices a thirteen-year-old would make with her own money, but wasn’t in the position to decline her sister’s wishes. Kathleen warned Amber not to go too crazy, otherwise their mom would get upset.


Amber, however, did not heed Kathleen’s warning and instead decided to get several inches of hair chopped off. She also decided she wanted it dyed black. Both the hairstylist and Amber loved it.


For once, Amber liked the reflection she saw in the mirror. She’d had long hair for so long. Kimberly didn’t like to pay for haircuts, and Amber never liked the result when her mother cut her hair. Amber loved the asymmetrical style and how the hair framed her face.


When Kathleen and Amber got home, Marc was concerned about Amber’s new haircut and clothes. He got a little upset at first, but told Amber he could live with the changes. Like Kathleen, he warned her about Kimberly’s reaction and told her to a) be prepared and b) he wasn’t helping.


Michael was home for the summer, and much to Amber’s dismay he reacted exactly like Marc. He didn’t outright hate her haircut though, so Amber felt as though she at least had someone on her side. Michael and Amber had always been close, despite their six-year age difference. She hated the fact that he was at SLU for most of the year and that their schedules conflicted so much that they barely talked.


Kathleen was anxious for the inevitable fiasco when her mom came home, so she spent most of the day avoiding her family. She spent the rest of the day researching scholarships. In a few months, she would be starting her senior year of high school. She knew she wouldn’t get a full ride to college like Michael did, and she also knew her parents didn’t have the extra money to spare on tuition. Kathleen also started working at a cafe washing dishes for a few hours after school to fall back on in case she needed to find the money for college herself.


She decided to take Amber’s advice and call Orlando. She was a little worried about seeming desperate, but she needed something to keep her mind off the situation with her sister. Plus, it wasn’t like she just met the guy. They talked for a few hours, and set up a date for Friday night, which was Kathleen’s next day off from work.


Kimberly came home late from work, which Kathleen mistakenly took as a sign her mother truly didn’t care, so Kathleen ended up witnessing the beginning stage of Kimberly’s anger. Kathleen nervously watched as her mother lectured Amber on her hair and her clothes. Michael stared straight ahead, refusing to help either one of them. Amber, despite multiple warnings, was shocked at her mother’s reaction. Hair will grow back, and clothes are just a way of expressing oneself. Kimberly didn’t see it that way, unfortunately.


Michael and Kathleen left before it got really heated. Amber usually didn’t fight back when she was in trouble, but she did this time, which just made Kimberly angrier. She told Amber that she was sick of her disrespect and was appalled by her actions, and that she was sending her to a therapist to fix her behaviour. Amber had no idea how to respond to that, so she went upstairs to her room and locked the door. Kimberly and Marc had considered sending Amber to a therapist when she was younger, because she didn’t show interest in anything, but as she got older Marc let the idea slide. But the idea had now been rekindled in Kimberly, and she was determined this time. She had no idea why Amber wasn’t more “normal” like her older children and she wanted answers.


Kimberly used a sick day to take Amber to Collin Claiborne’s office the next day. He seemed somewhat confused at Kimberly’s plight, but agreed to see Amber anyway. He specialized in marriage and family therapy, which he greatly preferred over patients with mental illness, but he was fairly certain Amber didn’t have any type of disorder like her mother believed. He thought he could, in time, help Amber and Kimberly come to a mutual understanding.


Unsurprisingly, Amber wasn’t interested in sharing personal details with Collin at first. She kept insisting she was fine– she just preferred to be alone and hated middle school. Collin believed her, which she appreciated. She grew to even kind of like him a little as the session continued.


She was honestly confused about why she was sitting in a therapist’s office at all. She started venting a little bit about her tumultuous relationship with her mom and how much she missed Michael when he was at school. She confided that she was worried about Kathleen going to college too and being the only kid in the house with parents who didn’t understand her. Collin reassured her that he would try his best to help the situation, but Amber would need to keep coming to sessions. He said he also wanted to see Amber and Kimberly at the same time for their next session.


A few days later, it was time for Kathleen and Orlando’s date. They decided to go to a local favourite, Exploding Dragon. They shared good food and good conversation. Kathleen felt like she’d known Orlando for years, despite only moving to Octavia Valley a year and a half ago.


They also took a trip upstairs to the tea room. Kathleen was so nervous that she almost spilled the hot tea all over herself, but luckily she was able to keep her composure.


It was dark by the time they left the restaurant, and the summer sky was filled with fireflies. Kathleen excitedly ran over to them, while Orlando watched fondly.


And then Orlando kissed Kathleen amidst the fireflies. It was beautiful, magical, and everything Kathleen had dreamed her first kiss would be. She was excited to see where this relationship with Orlando would go. She didn’t know him all that well, but he didn’t seem like a womanizer, and he seemed interested in getting to know Kathleen more. She was definitely interested in getting to know him, at least!


When Kathleen got home, Kimberly immediately cornered her and said there was going to be a family meeting. This slightly frustrated Kathleen, because her mom didn’t ask her anything about her date, but she was also really curious about the meeting, since they were a relatively infrequent occurrence. She figured it had something to do with Amber.


Marc and Kimberly announced to their children that Kimberly was pregnant with her fourth child at the age of 43, and that the baby was due in March. Michael was appalled– no nineteen-year-old man truly wants to hear their mother is pregnant. Kathleen was excited about the new addition to the family, but somewhat saddened because she would be going to college. Amber was happy that her parents would probably leave her alone for the next few years, but irritated that she’d be sharing a birth month with the new baby. Kimberly and Marc were surprised about the mixed reactions, but they were eventually understanding.

Thanks for reading!
I decided to try out the third person narration for this entry for two reasons. One being that I really wanted to try it to see how it worked, and the second being that I had no idea how to write this entry from one person’s perspective. I don’t condone Kimberly’s actions of sending Amber to a therapist just because she started dressing more alternatively, but Kimberly is definitely the type to freak out over it. She’s always been concerned about Amber, and her new style pushed Kimberly over the edge. Amber isn’t depressed or anxious aside from the typical middle school experience. Collin recognizes the situation for what it is, and wants to help both of them communicate easier. By the way, Amber’s birthday was back in March but I completely forgot she turns thirteen this year. I thought it was next year; her birthday being in spring confused me a little. I didn’t plan for Kimberly to get pregnant again, but Marc really wanted a baby and Kimberly’s recent frustration with Amber (this has been building for months prior to this update) spurred her into wanting a baby too. Marc literally rolled the want for a baby and it didn’t go away. 

Octavia High School Class of 2026 Graduation

May 2026. 

This year, we have six seniors graduating. We are gathered here today to honour their achievements and wish them well as they transition into a new stage of life.


From Left: Mara Andrews, Chandler Platz, Alvin Futa, Elliania Hawkins, Stella Marigold-Shubert, and Stepha Bennington. 

Mara Andrews is our 2026 Valedictorian. She plans to attend Simon-Lawrence University in the fall.

Chandler Platz is our 2026 Salutatorian. He also plans to attend SLU in the fall.

Alvin Futa, Elliania Hawkins, and Stella Marigold-Shubert are all graduating today with High Honours.

Stepha Bennington is graduating today with Honours.


“We did it!”

Congratulations to the Class of 2026!!

Thanks for reading!
Since 5 of these Sims are Townies, I didn’t get to know them well enough to know which clubs they would have participated in or anything. My school is definitely not that organized yet, so I don’t run a community lot school or anything. I’m working up to that point though, because I love Teens and it would definitely be interesting. I’ve grown attached to these Sims as they’ve all gotten to know Stella, so I’m going to include them as a playable household at SLU and see what fun we can have! I also want more than two university students. I feel so bad that Stella can’t go to college, but that’s the way it has to be for her daughter’s sake. 

promises, promises

Academic Year 2025-2026, Spring Semester.
Michael is 19, Meadow is 19.
Narrated by Meadow. 


I feel like the spring semester should be called the “winter semester” instead, or at least here at SLU. That hour away from Octavia Valley makes ALL the difference, because it snows well into April way up here. It’s beautiful, though. I never knew that snow could make campus look so lovely.


I’d been flirting with Michael for the past several months, and he never made any move to ask me out or anything. Based on everything I know about guys, he seemed interested, but he was starting to frustrate me by never officially asking me on a “date.” So I decided to take the initiative and try it myself. But trust me, it took me so long to work up the nerve. I almost backed out.


The hardest part was walking over to his side of the dorm. I knew if I could make it over to his hall, I could get up the courage to ask him on the date.


He invited me in graciously. Even though we’ve been hanging out since basically the beginning of freshman year, I’d never seen the inside of his dorm. It was about what I expected–plain and clean. I nervously stammered out something like, “date with me tonight?” and he smiled and said that he’d love to.


We both liked the idea of spending as little money as possible, so we just went to the quad to hang out and talk. We cuddled and held hands a little. It was cold outside, but I didn’t really notice.


My mind started leaping to conclusions about getting married and engaged. I have no idea why I always think about that, especially so early in a relationship. I’ve been hurt before, but I keep going back to the same thought process. Michael is a sweet, caring guy and I honestly can imagine starting a life and a family with him.


When we got back to the dorm, it started to snow. We ended the date with a quick peck and a hug. I wish we would’ve kissed a little longer, but I was glad it finally happened. It had been so long since I’d kissed someone that I almost forgot what it felt like.


A couple days later, I awoke to a pleasant surprise outside my room.


I put them right by my laptop so I’ll see them every day. I’ve never had a guy get me a whole bouquet of flowers before, and roses at that! I guess if there were ever any confusing feelings or mixed signals, there’s none anymore.


Even though I wanted to spend every waking moment with Michael, I also couldn’t neglect my sorority and my sisters. We threw a party at our sorority house that was pretty crazy, I’ll have to say. I make really weird, ugly faces when I’m dancing…. But we’re definitely a “dry” campus… yeah, absolutely.


Emily, my chapter’s president, was a little frustrated that there weren’t as many people at the party as she would’ve liked. She wanted everyone to try and spread the word about the sorority so that we’ll have a lot of people pledging next year. I tried to talk to some girls in my hall, but I wasn’t sure how interested they were.


Some girls seemed interested, but I’m not sure if they were just being polite. In any case, I told everyone to contact me instead of Emily if they had any questions. Emily is… a little overbearing.


At our party, we had a very unfriendly guest and she made him go away by basically being a total bitch. Like I can’t say I blame her too much, because whoever was in that cow costume is probably the rudest person I’ve ever met and was close to ruining the party. But Emily just takes things a step too far sometimes.


She’s also really flirty. And it gets worse when she’s… had a bit too much fun. Not that there’s anything wrong with being flirty at all, but she makes me feel a little alienated sometimes. Emily basically wants what she wants, when she wants it, exactly how she wants it, no matter what it is.


As exam time rolled around, I was able to hang out with Michael less and less. He copes with stress in strange ways. Like, he constantly exercises his brain. It’s weird. When I’m done studying, all I want to do is lie in bed and binge-watch sitcoms. When Michael’s done studying, he goes and plays chess.


Sometimes he cleans the bathroom as a coping mechanism. Since we share a bathroom with only one other person, we don’t have a cleaning staff come in like we would if we had communal bathrooms. Michael’s suitemate, Kurt, doesn’t really notice if the shower gets messy. But Michael? Oh, he notices. And he loathes the fact that he has to clean up after Kurt, but since that’s his only issue he never says anything. Something about not wanting to jeopardize a friendship.


I guess when you’re a medicine major, you have to do a lot of reports and papers pretty much every week. Michael spends so much time writing that I don’t know how he stands it. For psychology, I have to write a lot too but it’s more spread out and more about a specific topic than Michael’s reports. He always does well on them, even though he’s constantly stressed.


I’ve found that the spring semester brings with it a rather effective method of stress-relief– snow angels! When I feel like I’m going to fail everything, I can just go outside and plop down into the beautiful snow.

Thanks for reading!
Meadow has pretty consistently had the want to get engaged to Michael since the end of the fall semester, which for the most part Michael hasn’t reciprocated. He is afraid of being rejected to proposing to her, which in some situations would be enough for me to go ahead and make it happen, but Michael has an extremely challenging three years of school left and he isn’t the type to neglect that. It took him long enough to make the decision to date in college at all. Also, I’m absolutely in love with the way campus looks during winter!